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Our Mission and Values

Hello, I am Kosolapov Alexander, CEO of TDSerebro LLC.

Almost for ten years, our jewelry trade company has been rapidly developing. At first glance, it seems not that long. But sustainability we achieve is guaranteed by our employees, who have been gaining experience in the sphere for the whole professional life. They know everything about jewelry. Or nearly everything – the sky is the limit!

We could tell how good we are, but an invitation to our company would describe us better – you are welcome to become an insider and see all for yourself. One look is worth a thousand words. One of the values we cherish is Honesty. Long-term relationships with Clients, Partners, and Employees are an essential aim. We will be pleased to provide you with comprehensive and frank information. The offices are located in Russia and throughout the CIS. You can visit us and ask questions by calling to an HR Department (+7 846 372-64-51), and arranging a meeting.

Kosolapov Alexander
CEO of TDSerebro LLC


Ahead of expectations, we provide the best!



To achieve strategic objectives we have TO BE A UNITED TEAM.

We create the environment of unity and mutual understanding. We welcome initiative and aspiration to take responsibilities that have the company’s performance improvement as the focus.


To achieve strategic objectives we have TO BE LEADERS WHO ESTABLISH THE INDUSTRY STANDARDS.

We set ambitious goals and pursue them until reaching.

We fulfill our tasks successfully since we know the significance of everyone’s contribution to the common aim. Each of us ensures own accomplishments.


To achieve strategic objectives we have TO MOVE FORWARD.

We quickly respond to changes and manage to find optimal solutions. Pioneering, we provide conditions for sustainable growth and creativity.


To achieve strategic objectives we have TO BE HONEST

We meet our obligations and respect our clients and partners.


To achieve strategic objectives we have TO TRUST OTHERS AND BE HONEST WITH OURSELVES.

We build long-term relationships because we believe in people and they believe in us.


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