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We welcome you to Serebro team!
For 10 years, we have been developing extensively and still do remain a reliable partner for your business.
We offer a high-level service, perfect quality and wide range of goods, competitive prices, and individual approach to every customer.

Manufacturer’s price for products supplied by 10 brands, such as Krasnaya Presnya, SOKOLOV, Adamant, Zlato, Bronitsky Jewelry, Zolotov, Titan. We cooperate with 40 suppliers.
Goods range. We provide goods in all categories of silver products. New items arrive every week.
Discount and deferment
Discounts up to 20% and deferrals up to 60 days offered for the whole assortment.
Online item selection on our website www.tdserebro.ru
Choose from various goods at any suitable time.
No minimum order amount Purchase as much as you need.
ServicesPersonal manager, selection offices, new collections exhibited in demo-zones, simplified goods operations.
Manufacturer’s conditionTo Krasnaya Presnya and SOKOLOV brands, manufacturer’s discounts apply along with the prices.
Exclusive supplyIn Russia, international TEOSA brand is officially distributed by TDSerebro LLC only.
Special offer
Sales, low prices for highly-liquid collections on monthly basis.


Become TDSerebro LLC partner today. Having your online-account data sent, you will be contacted by a personal manager, registered on our website, and granted access to wholesale catalog prices and special offers.

List of the documents required to conclude a partnership contract:

1. Certificate of registration at the Inspection of Assay Supervision; 
2. Registration record at the Inspection of Assay Supervision; 
3. Certificate of Incorporation of the new Business Entity; 
4. Certificate of an Entry Made in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (applies to business authorized until 01/07/2002); 
5. Certificate of registration with a tax authority; 
6. Information letter. 

If you already have the account registration data. log in to out and proceed to My Account.

We are looking forward to your letters, calls, and orders. Additionally, if you have any wishes and suggestions regarding the product range or our website, we will be glad to receive the commentary!

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